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Why seek help? Consumers seek the advice of financial professionals for a myriad of reasons.

The Relationship
Financial professionals offer a broad range of services. From analyzing your insurance needs, preparing your taxes, creating your will and estate plans, to providing advice on how to allocate your investments in a 401(k), financial professionals can help you with a variety of issues to help you make smart decisions about your money and financial plans.

While the services you need from a financial professional might vary, what you should expect from the relationship with one should not. Any financial professional you hire should address the matters with which you need help, be honest, and answer your questions promptly and clearly.

It is also important to realize what a financial professional cannot do for you. Working with a financial professional does not ensure you will beat the stock market every year or anticipate every financial concern. What's more, it's unlikely you'll realize the full benefits of the business relationship unless you participate fully in the process by committing time to meet with your financial professional and following through on his or her advice.

While choosing a financial professional might seem overwhelming, the good news is research shows consumers with a written financial plan are more satisfied with how they plan and manage financial affairs. In addition, research also shows most people are satisfied with their choice of adviser.

The ultimate answer to whether you need professional help lies with you. Be willing to take a good look at your own competencies and habits.


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